Fab&Fix Door Hardware Range

We understand that when it comes to decorative hardware, attention to the finer details such as colour, style and finish is vital for creating a unified aesthetic. With over 200 items in the Fab&Fix range, you can match the hardware to every application - from doors to details on PVCu windows, heritage timber windows and vertical sliding windows.

Fab&Fix hardware is elegantly designed to make a dynamic impact on your home's overall appearance whilst delivering state of the art functionality. Want to stand out from the crowd? With 4 unique styles and a diverse range of hardware to choose from. The Fab&Fix palette currently includes 12 colours, all of which are well considered, aesthetically perfect in finish and give a high-quality hardware appearance to any door.

The Fab&Fix wide range makes infusing style into your home easy.

Spoilt For Choice

A classic design for the modern home. Not overly fussy or fancy. The Classic hardware range offers neat, simple style to suit any type of home.

The Hardex finish is harder than you think

The Hardex finish is harder than you think

Each piece of hardware is engineered for enhanced strength and durability, whatever your style preference. The key to this enhancement is Hardex, an invisible skin that creates unmatchable resilience. Hardex finishes offer exceptional resilience and durability.

It all starts with the expertise of the design engineers and tool makers - only the most refined castings make the grade for a Hardex coat. Time is then of the essence, it takes over 24 hours to perfect a single handle. Meticulous preparation of the surface material is followed by a complex series of chemical baths, each submersion calculated to the second. Now the product is ready for Hardex to be applied before curing in extreme temperatures. It's a lot of effort but we hope you'll agree it's worth it.

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I highly recommend composite doors 2 you, from the initial contact with Mathew to the installation from Steve within 2 weeks, the whole service provided has been top notch & the final outcome is stunning, Thanks a lot guys

Dale Watts
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